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Exede now offers an unlimited download time period

Exciting news for satellite internet users! From 12 midnight to 5AM, local to your installation time zone, you can download an unlimited amount without it affecting your monthly bandwidth quota. Woot! 🙂 Late Night Free Zone: free downloads and uploads every night from 12 midnight – 5 a.m. local to your time zonehttp://www.exede.com/exede-customers/late-night-free-zoneEvery night during the wee hours, we’re giving Exede customers a free hall pass to enjoy their superfast Internet service just a little bit more. Or a whole

How much bandwidth does NetFlix streaming use? [DEFINITIVE ANSWER]

Q. Hello, I am in US and have netflix and want to stream movies but i also have a sucky monthly bandwidth cap of 12.5GB. I want to make sure I don’t go over my monthly limit. Can you tell me how much bandwidth netflix streaming takes like per hourly?! Thx in advance!!! -PaulT from MN A. Great question Paul! Bandwidth caps are quite a bummer and you are wise to be aware of your usage. I can tell you

New theme: Swift Basic

2012.01.14 UPDATE: I have disabled the Swift theme after having some major image issues with it 🙁 In an effort to reduce bandwidth usage and decrease page load times, I am evaluating a new theme for my blog 🙂 So far I like the theme and here are some links that were helpful in customizing it: Ideal media settings and useful plugins for SWIFT theme : Swift Themeshttp://swiftthemes.com/wordpress-themes/swift/swift-user-guide/ideal-media-settings-and-useful-plugins-for-swift-theme/Ideal media settings and useful plugins for SWIFT theme The following screenshot shows the

Monitoring Apache2 bandwidth usage by individual VirtualHosts

At Weblogs.us we have been going through bandwidth at a fast pace lately. We use Apache2 as our web server,  and while we have some rough bandwidth monitoring tools, we could really use a more granular view of bandwidth usage. The ideal solution for us would be a time configurable view (i.e. hour, day, month, year) of bandwidth usage on a per VirtualHost basis. While researching solutions these were the most useful links I found: Apache Virtual Host Bandwidth Monitoring