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Bought & Sold: Acer D250 Netbook, 750GB HDD, 2GB RAM, USB DVD, Broadcom HD decoder

Second entry in the Bought & Sold series Here is where I list items that I purchased and then sold at a later date. Simple enough huh? Here we go… [begin] Acer D250 Netbook, w/BONUS features: 750GB hard drive & 2GB RAM, USB DVD drive + Broadcom HD decoder for 1080p movie playback! This auction is for an Acer D250-1165 Blue Netbook Computer. Reason for selling: I bought this netbook on vacation and used it for watching HD movies and surfing

TOP 10 eBay selling tips updated for 2019

2019.Jan.17 UPDATED! If you are like me, you have some stuff that you never use and that it would be nice to get rid of. If so, then eBay can be a great place to sell your unused stuff so you get some extra cash and someone else gets some productive use out of the item(s)! So, without further ado, here are my top eBay selling tips: #1 Make sure the item is worth selling Not just worth it money wise, but