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Micro-USB to 30-pin Apple connector adapter!

NOTE: now available from Amazon for about $6.99 with free Prime 2-day shipping, woot! PS if you don’t like the white color, they also have black… Here is a cool little adapter that lets you use all of your snazzy-nearly-universal Micro-USB cables and chargers with the also ubiquitous but generally proprietary Apple 30-pin dock connector 🙂 I’m adding this to my adapter cable bag so now that my iPod touch will be covered (as well as friends’ iPhones) I should be able

SMA-Male to N-Female coax adapter (for use w/Wilson Sleek)

I recently purchased a Wilson Sleek cell phone amplifier. It does a great job but it comes with a relatively dinky magnetic mount antenna. Thankfully the Sleek also has a SMA-Female antenna connector. Therefore, to use a bigger antenna I bought a SMA-Male to N-Female coax adapter as pictured here: I went from no signal to 2-3 bars after using this adapter and a directional antenna attached to the top of a 30ft pole. 🙂