My Office(s)

For my jobs I am fortunate/blessed* to be able to work from anywhere that has a reliable internet connection.

*my wife might say it’s unfortunate/cursed… 😉

Since my personal and work life takes me all over the USA and sometimes the world, this page is meant to document a few of the places I do my work from…

The Architect’s Loft

I’ve spent many an hour working in this ultra-modern man-cave which is ironically most known and loved for its closet:

Though I am usually setup at the dining room table, kitchen-island or occasionally the couch (though John’s girlfriend usually gets the couch before I do!)

John is a long time friend/business-partner and I greatly appreciate him letting me occasionally share his pimptastic workspace!

You can find many more photos of John’s awesome loft at his work website

The Mountains

10,500ft elevation, off-the-grid (photo to be added)

The Illinois Friends‘ House

My good buddies the Lees, a most awesome husband-wife duo if I’ve ever seen one, are currently residing in Illinois and have a lovely home. They did extensive remodeling on the interior and have made it into a great living/working area. Chad was even kind enough to upgrade their internet from 3mbs to 12mbs for me, he’s a sweetheart like that!

The photo is of Chad’s super-beast of a computer and it’s near the area where I usually set up shop when visit the Lee household. Thanks guys for all of your kind hospitality and awesome cooking!!!

Home (all these are to be blogged about soon… thanks for your patience!)

The Couch

The Closet Office / The Linen-Closet Office

The Porch






The Avalanche

The Element


  • John Hill

    Hi my name is J.R. I read your tutorial about replacing the RAM on the ASUS 53e. I am trying to upgrade the DVD drive to a blu-ray drive on the ASUS 53e, but can’t find anyway to take the DVD drive out. Any advice?

    • J.D.

      Hi J.R.,
      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately at the moment I do not have access to the ASUS 53e 🙁

      Often with Dell laptops there is a single retaining screw and once it is removed the DVD/BluRay drive will slide out. But judging from your comment I’m guessing that you already checked for that type of setup on this Asus.

      After Christmas I may be able to take a look at the A53e again [the laptop is a Xmas present for my sister-in-law and is wrapped under her tree]. If I find out anything useful I will email you!

      Best regards and good luck!

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