Canon SX230 HS Review & Sample Photos

UPDATE1: SX230 EXIF data and full-resolution samples added. Click thumbnails below for EXIF info and links to the original images. 2011.04.30
UPDATE 2: posted more sample photos from the SX230, bringing the total to 50 plus! The new ones are a bit more artistic, they’re at the bottom of page 2 of the review… 🙂2011.05.04


  • Very useful 28-392mm zoom range (14x zoom)
  • Compact size
  • Built in GPS tagging
  • Surprisingly sharp 1080p video
  • Image stabilization is fairly effective
  • Effective camera user interface


  • Annoying flash location and pop-up/down
  • Soft image quality at full zoom (but still very usable)
  • Small sensor size means high ISO is a bit limited
  • Not conducive to one-handed use

Conclusion: Overall a very nice walk-about and travel camera. While pixel-peepers may be a bit disappointed in the camera’s sensor, those interested in utilizing a variety of focal lengths will likely be VERY pleased with the versatility that the SX230′s lens offers. For the price and size, you’re not likely to find a better camera than the SX230. Recommended!

I have included a number of samples Sx230 images that were taken today. They should give you an idea of the cameras performance in normal outdoor shooting conditions (which is where this camera will likely often be used w/the nice long-zoom range).

Head to the next page of the review to see  50+ samples from the SX230…

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