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Dell M6500 laptop review

2016 UPDATE: The M6500 is still running strong five years later! Since the initial review I have given it to my dad who still uses it to this day. I eventually switched to a M6700 but in some respects I still prefer the M6500’s 16:10 display. 🙂 Original 2011 Review: I have been using a M6500 as my primary workstation for a number of months. It is generally docked to a 30″ Dell & a 27″ Dell. In this capacity

How many external displays does the new 2021 24″ M1 iMac support? [ANSWERED]

Question: How many external monitors do the brand new 24 inch M1 retina iMacs support? (announced/released April/May 2021) Answer: According to Apple, the M1 iMac appears to support ONE external display of up to 6K, Every iMac features two Thunderbolt ports for superfast data transfers, giving customers high-performance options to connect to more devices, including support for up to a* 6K display, like Apple Pro Display XDR […] *emphasis added on “a” (single) display… not plural… Source: This is