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Dell laptop brightness adjustment stuck [SOLVED]

Q. My Dell Inspiron 1520 screen brightness adjustment sometimes get stuck after I suspend/resume a few times. When I try to adjust the screen brightness by holding the Fn key and then press the up/down arrows nothing happens at all and it is really annoying as I have to reboot to get it to work again. 🙁 Can you suggest a way that I can fix it without having to reboot?Hank Chambers

A. Yes, I have had a similar issue with my Dell Latitude E5530 and E6430. Here are the steps to fix Dell’s brightness adjustment feature without having to reboot 🙂

#1 Go into device manager and locate your display adapter

#2 Right click on the display adapter and choose ‘Disable’:

Temporarily disable the display adapter

The screen resolution will change but do not worry about that

#3 Now, re-enable your display adapter:

Enable your display adapter

#4 Voila, you should have working brightness adjustment again!

I hope this helps you Hank, please rate this article when you get the chance (1 to 5 stars) and please let me know if there is anything else I can help with 🙂

Best regards,

UPDATE from Hank:

Brilliant! Five star rating because that did it on the FIRST try. Wow, thank you very much as this saves me very much time and frustration! -Hank Chambers

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