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Dual monitors on HP Pro 3500 desktop PC? [SOLVED]

HP - Pro 3500 Desktop

Today I received the following PC question: Yo JD, Can you suggest a video card for us to order? We hired an individual at our office, and we purchased two monitors for his computer, but I don’t think the video card it came with will push two monitors. The computer is a “HP Pro” – stock off the shelf – purchased at a Office Depot type store. The existing video card is a Intel(R) HD Graphics Card. Can you suggest

Link aggregation / NIC teaming [Windows 7]

Some tips for link aggregation/NIC teaming in Windows 7 using Intel NICs and drivers: Intel NIC’s 802.3ad Link Aggregation in Windows 7? – [H]ard|Forumhttp://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1762818If anyone else is trying to do this, I figured it out. Follow these directions for Intel NIC’s. The feature is not included in Windows 7, so the NIC drivers have to support it. You have to be logged… Network Connectivity — How do I use Teaming with Advanced Networking Services (ANS)?http://www.intel.com/support/network/sb/cs-009747.htmAdapter teaming with Intel® Advanced Network

Intel Isis Pro 5200 (Crystalwell) review roundup

News and reviews on Intel’s latest and greatest graphics solution have been quite hard to find By latest and great I am of course referring to the Intel ‘Isis Pro 5200′ Crystalwell Haswell based GPU /CPU combination. So to make info a bit easier to find, this page will serve as a review roundup and will be updated as new reviews come out: Isis Pro 5200 Review Listing (in roughly chronological order) Intel Iris Pro 5200 Graphics Review: Core i7-4950HQ

Intel’s latest NUC: i5 CPU, USB 3.0 and three display outputs!

Thanks to KW for the heads up about the latest Intel NUC! The new NUC  motherboard’s model # is D53427RKE, and while it is not Haswell, it DOES have some nice improvements over the original NUCs: +now includes USB 3.0 (1 port) +includes THREE display outputs and fully supports TRIPLE MONITORS! (1) HDMI, (2) Mini-DisplayPort +upgraded to an i5 CPU +retains Gigabit Ethernet support I am certain the Haswell NUCs will arrive soon… but until then, this certainly contains most

Google Pixel getting Haswell upgrade?

Now that Google I/O has come and gone with nary a hardware upgrade announced, what does Google have in store for future Chromebook hardware? Hopefully an update of the Pixel to support Intel’s latest chips! Here are some reports that lend credence to the idea that the Pixel, or another Chromebook, will be seeing Intel’s Haswell chips soon Can Haswell Give the Chromebook a New Lease of Life?http://siliconangle.com/blog/2013/05/01/can-haswell-give-the-chromebook-a-new-lease-of-life/I’ve discussed Haswell before, and by all accounts it’s going to be a beast

ACPI INT33A0 Unknown Device [SOLVED]


Q. Looking for a Windows driver… I have unknown device with a device ID of acpi int33ao… sadly or badly Windows updates and all the other updates don’t work :-( You are my last best hope can you recommend a driver download for me? -Ken Kollar A. Certainly Ken! The ACPI INT33A0 is a iSCT ACPI Virtual Device, which is directly related to Intel’s Smart Connect, and you can download the latest driver here: (intel site) Download was tested with AVG anti-virus

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