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Use your e-reader as a display for your computer

Over at Pocketables (one of my fav tech sites) they posted a nice little article asking Why are ereaders still stand-alone only devices? It is a valid question and if the Pebble watch is any indication, there is a lot of pent up demand for ultra-long lived devices using e-ink displays. If Pocketable’s premise was e-ink is good for a lot more than just reading books, and that the current ereaders should do more… then this along those lines, here

How can I lock the Kindle DX screen orientation? [easy]

Q. Hi. I have a Kindle DX and I really love it, but sometimes when I am reading it rotates the screen orientation WHEN I DON’T WANT IT TO. How can I “lock” the screen orientation so this will not happen? A. Great question! First a bit of info, then the solution. 🙂 Here’s how Amazon describes the screen rotation/orientation feature: The Kindle DX screen image can rotate to match the way you’re holding your Kindle. The display changes accordingly