Olympus E-P1 camera size comparison

Here is the FULL SIZE image: www.flickr.com/photos/jdhodges/3604153157/sizes/o/

The Olympus "E-P1" is a very cool camera and we should be able to learn more about it soon when Olympus releases all the juicy details…

Original comparison from:

This has been updated to include the G1 as well as some Olympus fourthirds DSLRs and the Canon SD800 (which is my current pocket camera). It also shows the cameras "side by side" to help in gauging thickness.

Thanks to 43rumors for posting original image!!!

PS Make sure to select "all sizes" when viewing this image on Flickr, so that you can see more detail :-).

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Uploaded: June 7, 2009
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Jón Ragnarsson wrote...
Nice work... Only needs a Nikon D3X with Nikon 24-70 lens there for the laughs... :)

setaside-2 wrote...
ahhh JD, it's been so long... and now that I'm with the big bad S brand, I won't be able to play on the Oly forums all that much these days. This comparison is pretty stellar, though, and I'm glad you're passing it around. When I was with Oly, the term EP-1 was always used to speak of a prototype and the actual name would then be announced upon official OPR... I'll be interested to see if this remains the case. I know I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking to see Olympus push the envelope one more time, get this market moving forward One. More. Time. :) Of course the next announcement you'll hear (well not the next, but sometime soon) will be from the Canon group detailing their current work on a medium format DSLR similar to the Leica S2. The new mount and new lenses are already in development... I can't wait to hear about THAT, either. I don't have images for Flickr as of yet... I still have my issues with it's co-usage for the modern surveillance mechanism. I'll probably get over that, though. Hope you and the lady are faring well, my friend... the unsinkable setaside2...

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