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Branson’s Nantucket free Wi-Fi review

Excellent signal strength

I am staying at Branson’s Nantucket a few days this week so I have had a good chance to test their free WiFi. Connecting, Signal Strength The wifi is free in all the units and I received simple login instructions and password upon check-in.  Connecting was easy, I had no problems and overall the wifi signal quality is excellent: (each unit has its own secure encrypted connection/router/SSID, the lower strength signals are other units) Both my wife and I were

Dell’s E6430 supports triple display output when docked! (including LCD)

Dell’s E6430 supports triple monitors! This came as quite a shock to me when I was setting up my new laptop. My current setup is as follows. The laptop is docked and uses: One displaylink to dual-link DVI adapter (driving a 30″ display at 2560×1600) One DVI cable (driving a 20″ Dell display at 1600×1200) Internal LCD (14″ 1600×900) I can definitely verify that it is possible to use two external displays simultaneously with the internal LCD. This beats the

How to fix Customized Recent Comments duplicate comments

Widget setup screen for Customized Recent Comments WordPress plugin

Customized Recent Comments is a great plugin for displaying recent comments on your WordPress blog. It has all the features I need and requires minimal install and setup. With most ‘recent comments’ plugins/widgets, if you (the blog owner) respond to a bunch of comments at once, you end up having your comments take up the entire recent comments listing :-( Thankfully, one of my favorite features of the plugin is its ability to exclude particular commenters from being listed. However, the only issue I have found

List of Dell E6430 Drivers for a clean Windows 7 or Win 8 install

Please note: Dell has been having some major issues with their drivers/support site recently. Currently (as of Feb 8th 2013) this page only lists “The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.” Therefore, here is a mirror of their drivers listing for the E6430 laptop. I hope this is helpful to you if their site remains down! Drivers for Latitude E6430 View the full details here Click here for all drivers (including historical drivers) Quick Links Application Audio

ACPI\SMO8810 Dell driver [SOLVED!]

The SMO8810 unknown device listing as shown in Device Manager and the properties page

Q. Hi, my work just bought a Dell laptop and I am re-installing Windows 7 on it. I have an unknown device ‘ACPI/SMO8810′ and I want to know what driver I can download to to fix it? A. Here is the driver for your ACPI\SMO8810 Unknown Device: NOTE: The driver is specifically for your Dell laptop’s ST Microelectronics Free Fall Sensor that shows up as Unknown Device ACPI\SMO8810 , Dell dl link More details about free fall sensors: That free-fall sensor

[Err] [Bak] 1286 – Unknown table engine ‘InnoDB 00:00:00′


Last night I had an error show up a couple times while using Navicat to backup database on This was the error: [Err] [Bak] 1286 – Unknown table engine ‘InnoDB 00:00:00′ On this server MyISAM was preferred so I had specifically disabled InnoDB, yet something was trying to deal with InnoDB and it was causing the backup error . To determine which table(s) were causing the problem, I used the following SQL statement: SELECT TABLE_NAME, ENGINE FROM information_schema.TABLES WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA =

JPEG compression and JPEG quality in WordPress

While working on part of the Branson’s Nantucket website I needed to find a way to reduce page load times. Of course there are many ways to do this but one thing that immediately stood out was JPEG file size. Some JPEGs were 400kb+ and there were a number of them to be loaded on one page. That may be fine for people with super-fast internet connections, but alas many people (myself included) sometime make due with relatively slow connections. What

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